Keystroke Converter 8.1752

Keystroke Converter 8.1752 – 1.5MB – Shareware – Windows
Keystroke Converter is a tool to exchange the keys on the keyboard. With it, you can say goodbye to any keyboard layout you dislike. With it, you can make the broken key function again. With it, you can disable any undesired key. With it, you can change your common 102 keyboard into a multifunctional one without costing much money. The basic functions of Keyboard Transformation are as follows: 1. Change one key for another. 2. Change one key for a sequence of keys. 3. Change a sequence of keys for another sequences. 4. Accomplish text input with one or a sequence of keystrokes. 5. Accomplish Macro with one or a sequence of keystrokes. 6. Disable one or a sequence of keystorkes. 7. Key to Mouse. 8. Control volume from keyboard. 9. One press to lunch web browser or program or sepecial file or folder.


Keystroke Converter 是在由softboy.net開發類別 System Utilities Shareware 軟體。

最新版本是 Keystroke Converter 的 8.1752 2017/01/01 上釋放。 它最初被添加到我們的資料庫 2007/08/24 上。

Keystroke Converter 在下列作業系統上運行: Windows。 下載檔案的大小 1.5MB。

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